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I’d rather be broke down with you by my side. by i eaт sтars on Flickr.
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Spring/Summer 2015 Naeem Khan


Win Always | Bridge & Burn
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Grace Bradley, 1933.
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Grace Bradley, 1933.

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When will white people be destroyed or maybe take a couple critical thinking classes

oh my god shane dawson is literal trash and always has been

It doesn’t matter WHO you we’re playing, you still put on dark makeup and blackened your skin to portray a black woman

Unoriginal and racist

shes actually black. he put dark make up to portray that, because its true. there’s not a damn thing offensive about putting dark make up on to portray someone who’s actually dark, because there’s nothing wrong with being dark! i havent watched this or any of his videos but painting his face isnt racist , itd be MORE offensive if he left his skin color as is. really, not everything is racist and needs you all to go “hero” mode just because someone acknowledges in the different physical appearances of race.

Unfollow me right this instant bc you do not understand that putting on makeup to pretend to be another race AND gender is not only racist but sexist.

When white people (and on rare occasions, minorities) do this, they’re basically reducing people of colour to jokes and costumes

When men do this, they’re reducing women to jokes and costumes

I am not a fucking joke

And if you don’t understand that then unfollow me with the quickness.

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